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Plaza S.K

Plaza S.K

Plaza S.K is an schematic design, whose main objective was to generate a commercial complex. This proposal would be composed of 25 commercial stores and restaurants, as well as common areas where tables and benches would be available to the public. A platform in the center of the project was designed to be used for scheduled events, such as live music settings. Micro terraces were designed with the objective of attracting small itinerant businesses. The modular design of the plaza creates opportunities of growth by allowing for modules to be replicated, these were designed using the existing dimensions of locally sourced materials, thus achieving standardization in the massing of the proposal.

The roof of the parking area, which constitutes around 65% of the total footprint of the project’s roof, was raised with the same metal structure as the commercial modules, however the roof in this sector was designed with cables that were meant to be overgrown by vines, in turn providing shading for the whole structure.

The parking area was also proposed as a flexible space, it is intended to perform activities and events of greater magnitude, such as fairs utilizing food trucks.Green areas and planters were conceptualized throughout the proposal with the objective of integrating users into an environment with the greatest number of natural spaces; being an environment of high traffic and with wide gastronomic diversity, the proposal is seen as a permanent fair, a milestone of gastronomy and recreational space.