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Nexo Tower

Nexo Tower


Mixed use in the city, physical and visual interaction with spaces for commercial use. Services are provided to the city and the building.

Green concept, comfort is designed through the integration of natural elements in workspaces. Great opportunities to feel better with yourself and the space we inhabit.

Establish greater socialization and integration among the members of the company. Work spaces in relation to the different levels of the project, connected to the different processes of the company, multiple visuals and points of convergence.

Location near the urban center, train line, public transport and work area. Architecture must propose access and a functional transit that contemplate future potential growth and development of the city, adapting to the urban context.

Cities and mixed urban systems, possibilities for growth and adaptation to the future of the city. Complement the materiality of the architectural element with strategies of thermal insulation and incorporation of green elements. Resilient materials that endure the weather and age gracefully with minimum maintenance and environmental footprint.